Staging for Winter


Buyers don’t generally venture out during the holidays, and those who do are often highly motivated due to job transfers or needing to invest before a tax deadline. A good quality video arranged by your realtor can be a tremendous aid for those far away or those seeking to avoid winter weather by searching from home. In addition, high quality web photos, including those from other seasons, invite people to visit.

As always, start staging with the exterior. Winter can be especially challenging due to fallen leaves, ice and snow so be extra neat and safe. When decorating, opt for string lights, especially white. Even one lighted evergreen and a wreath on the door can do the trick.

Winter weather makes buyers more susceptible than usual to feeling welcome with seasonal touches that do not clutter and that fit your room such as mistletoe hanging from an arch. Winter rather than Christmas decorations can last even through January. A gently flaming fireplace, traditional treats, and soft music highlighted by colorful pillows as well as traditional favorites like pine-cones and candles celebrate the season. Remember to put a little something in each room.