New Year’s Resolutions


As the new year approaches, people begin thinking about resolutions. Being organized can reduce stress in many areas.

After working all day or managing children, truly relaxing in a cluttered house is almost impossible. While simply feeling space around you is calming, tidiness increases relaxation for you and everyone in your family. Once everything is organized and put away, having everyone help to keep it that way, makes the process manageable.

Another source of stress is time. Taking control of your life and organizing your time into a flexible but useful schedule allows you to fit in a calm cup of coffee in the morning or time to read or play games with the kids. Getting up just a little earlier avoids the mad morning rush and starts your day more calmly.

A final place for organizational relief is finances. Designating one day a week for no spending is very empowering and teaches children budgeting. In addition, most companies will work with you on due dates so you can pay bills only once per month. Then set a reminder on your phone to be worry free.

Happy New Year and good luck with your resolutions!