5 Things To Do Before Selling Your House


When selling your home, outside and inside appearances are part of the sale. Attention needs to be paid to every detail so prospective buyers see the property to its best advantage. Spending a little money staging properly can make you much more in the end.

Curb and backyard appeal are enhanced by freshly painted doors, new welcome mats, and neatly trimmed and pruned front and back yards. Color matters outside with freshly planted flowers in beds or pots adding to the appeal. Further, exterior repairs to doorbells, lighting, screens, gutters and loose shingles give the home a finished and well cared for look.

The most essential part of the interior is sparkling cleanliness everywhere, even the basement and attic. A quick coat of paint in a neutral color helps. When considering the interior, less is more. Probably the most difficult part of interior staging is eliminating clutter and personal mementos such as family photographs and collections. Remove extra furniture that makes spaces appear crowded. You want buyers to see where they can put their personal items rather than seeing yours.

Don’t forget fresh flowers and a plate of cookies on the counter.