Advantages of Land Ownership


Land ownership can be a perfect investment for diversifying a portfolio or for future personal use. Two key factors are deciding the purpose of the investment and then planning appropriate land management. One attractive benefit is that the land will always be there and can be sold at any time if needed.

One investment goal is for value appreciation due to likely future development whether that is urban expansion or governmental use. Here, research and realtor advice are essential. Management in this case is simply maintaining or enhancing land desirability while awaiting developer contact.

Purchasing for personal use makes location an entirely different issue with critical issues being convenient accessibility, possible water sources and the potential for developing an outstanding view. Land can be leased for agricultural or hunting purposes while still including a personal sanctuary for family hiking, camping and other recreational activities. The potential of raising your own food is appealing to many. Land ownership often also serves as a future retirement site for a new home and as an estate for future generations.

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